Podcast Academy at Boston University

On Friday April 28 and Saturday April 29 Boston Univesity will be hosting Podcast Academy. Here is the schedule. It’s being put on by Doug Kaye of IT Conversations and The Conversations Network.

From their site: “The Podcast Academy will provide guidance on how to create, distribute and use podcasts. The Academy schedule offers basic “how to” classes for beginners as well as advanced classes for more seasoned professionals. Expert instructors will explain the mechanics of creating podcasts, getting and using the right equipment, coming up with a style for your podcast and then distributing it to the right audience.”

Looks like a good event. Nice to see people out there teaching others. I hope PodcasterCon 2007 will have lots of hands on learning.

One thought on “Podcast Academy at Boston University”

  1. Sounds nice, but expensive!
    Early bird price (through March 15): $250
    After March 15: $300
    Registration on-site: $350

    I guess someone has to make a living on this, but they’ll definitely be missing out on the broad community you brought togther at (free) PodcasterCon ’06.

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