NYT sues Pentagon for NSA documents

It seems the New York Times has FINALLY become more aggressive in getting to the bottom of exactly who, what, where, when, and why the National Security Agency and others spied on US citizens. This Reuters article called NYT sues Pentagon over domestic spying has more info. (Reuters says the Pentagon is the NSA’s parent organization.)

An important point they leave out in this article is that fact the NYT held onto the domestic spying story for over a year. They even consulted the government before going public with it. Bush can call the leak a “shameful act” all he wants but he allowed it to happen and knew it was going to happen way before the general public did. Why? Because Bush and his cronies want to maintain an appearance of government as usual, plausible deniability, protect a falling approval rating, etc. If they held this news any longer they’d be impeached by now.

Context is so important to news stories. Main stream media doesn’t provide context very well. You either have to be paying VERY good attention or know someone that you trust who does. This is a big reason why blogs are so important! Blogs provide context and connect the dots in the media history landscape!