Interview with Alex Laats of Podzinger

This podcast is an interview with Alex Laats President of BBN Delta. They have a new audio search tool called Podzinger. It allows you to search for key words inside of audio content like podcasts. I wrote more about it in my post called Search for Keywords in Audio. I’ve used a bunch of services that try to do this and this is only one that works well. This type of audio search tech is used by governments why not activists?

In my first post I brought up some concerns I had about the metada created from audio Podzinger indexes. (To get a bit more context read Retaining My Attention Data Part 1 and Part 2.) Alex addresses some of these concerns and talks about how Podzinger can create metadata that can be used in interesting ways.

I encourage activists of all kinds to explore Internet tools that let you create metadata. This information can serve our missions in powerful ways, from investigating injustice, to gathering support for a cause, and making strategic decisions. But remember always be critical of Internet tools. They are powerful and can cut many ways.

Thanks to Alex for letting me interview him. He was very gracious and a excellent guest. 🙂
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