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Last night we held our regular Chapel Hill Bloggers meetup. Usually 3 to 5 people show up. Last night sixteen (by my count) people showed up. One person in town to do research, one person just moved here, one person from Dook :), one Chapel Hill Town Council member, and many regulars. Such a diverse group of people. Bora has pictures up already. Awesome conversation.

I wish Ruby could have been there. But I don’t feel too bad for her. She was in Montevideo, Uruguay, is going to Austin for SXSW today, and then off to Seatle for NTEN. I’m jealous. (only a little bit) 😀 Thanks to Bora for emailing us about the guests and Anton for his steadfast community building. We owe Anton a lot!

Side note:
Q: What the hell does this post have to do with Activism?
A: Everything! Community building is EXTREMLY important in movement building. True these folks I met with last night aren’t all part of some movement. But we are all creative people who blog. Creativity is a political act. Viva La Blogs!

3 thoughts on “Local Blogging Community”

  1. awesome that your group is growing! up here in philly we average around 15 or so each month for the past several months. it’s always great to meet people face to face after reading their words for so long. unfortunately, i think i’ll be out of town for next weekend’s meetup.

  2. I can’t complain about the travelling, but I really do miss being at home every day. This post is a great reason why.

    Of course, I wich you could be here at SXSW as well, Brian. You would love it. Next year…

  3. Brian, it is certainly all about community, and just like you, I was jazzed to see our Chapel Hill blogging community so vibrant last Thursday. Thanks for your continued support, and for being one of the regulars.

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