Mayberry Machiavellians, a mashup by ANON

Artist: ANON
Album: The Reign of the Mayberry Machiavellians
Song Title: Mayberry Machiavellians
Genre: Mashup/Electronic
Track #: 5 of 8
Description: Al Gore grows a spine and points out publicly the crimes of George W. Bush. Trying to become emperor of the United States is treason against the people of the world! But then again Mr. Gore was just quoting the obvious… “It is the Reign of the Mayberry Machiavellians”.

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3 thoughts on “Mayberry Machiavellians, a mashup by ANON”

  1. An important thing to point out about the audio is that it isn’t a positive reflection on Mayberry or the icon of the ideal little town.

    Here is the definition of Machiavellian from Wikipedia.
    “Machiavellianism is the term some social and personality psychologists use to describe a person’s tendency to deceive and manipulate others for gain.”

    In this quoted phrase, “Mayberry Machiavellian” I heard it as a description of manipulators using the lie of a perfect small town to manipulate fools. Those perfect small towns only existed on TV, IMHO.

  2. From T(F)A. 🙂 “In reality, there was no Mayberry. It was just a television studio out in Culver City, California.”

    I agree with you on that one. Mayberry is a myth. It’s a created mythological construct, like so many fairy tales and sixties television shows, of how we’d like life to be. In true American style, you can only see utopia when you’re hunkered down in from of your pretty glowing television set.

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