Blog back from the Dead

Last weekend I upgraded this site from WordPress 1.5.1 to 2.0.2. All went well at first. Even my old hacked 1.5 theme worked. Then I installed a few new plugins. Podpress and Spam Karma 2. Podpress worked ok. A bit buggy but it did the job. (its a podcasting/itunes/flash player plugin.) Spam Karma 2 was keeping hundreds of comment spam at bay. Then the shit hit the fan. Strangely it degraded over a 12 hour period.

First I got a weird error relating to a Podpress file. I disabled that plugin via the command line. I wasn’t able to log in as an admin to WP.

Then for some reason Spam Karma 2 flipped out. I then realized to what extent this plugin adds tables to your mysql database. It turns out it corrupted my database. Fortunately I had made a backup of my database. The flip side is it seems its missing all of the comments from the month of May. Lots of good posts about Network Neutrality and stuff. 🙁

I have an earlier backup made a day ago. But I’m concerned its corrupted. I restored the dot sql file to a new db. In the end I deleted my entire site and re-uploaded all the necessary audio/image content plus new WordPress 2.0.2. files.

I’m not going to be using Spam Karma 2. I’ve decided to just require people to login to comment. I think we’re all getting used to loging in to participate online.

Lots of tweaking todo. Change is painful but good. Enjoy the new header graphic. What might it mean? 🙂