The Return of Audio Activism

The last time I wrote here was over ten years ago. A lot in the world, and my life, has changed. Sadly the manipulation of our minds by the mainstream media has not. In fact it’s gotten a lot worse.

This post isn’t about chronicling all the ways the world has changed. Just to acknowledge it and to say “Howdy!”. I hope to make more in the Audio Activism style and share it here. My goal is still to teach others how to make their own media and share my point of view along the way.

(A lot of the information on is very outdated. I leave it here as a historical record. Hopefully it’ll help illustrate what’s improved and what hasn’t.)

Edit: The mainstream media isn’t the only force of manipulation in the world right now. Lots of individuals and groups are using the power of the Internet to do the same. When I first dreamed of the power of the Internet being used for good to help artists I knew it was “The wild west”. But I saw a glass half full. So did others. Many of us now see it half empty. The fight to keep the Wild Wild Web safe for everyone seems never ending.