November 14, 2004

Local Activists 11/14/04 Pt.1

This weeks show is in two parts and is an interview with Matt Robinson. Hes a local activist here in Chapel Hill, NC, a writer, and social worker. (Part two will be released soon :)

Entire 11/14 show - MP3 25m 29s 18.4MB 64kbps
Entire 11/14 show - OGG 25m 29s 24MB 64kbps

During the first part Matt told us about a creative project hes part of called Seven Windows, Seven Doors. Its a large collaborative stencil art installation at the closed Chapel Hill Bus Station on 311 W. Franklin Street. We also discussed the recent presidential election, its effects on the local and national progressive community, and how folks are coping. Allot of excellent thoughts and ideas were thrown around about communication and understanding.

Posted by act at November 14, 2004 06:09 PM