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WP Random Image Plugin

I just installed the WordPress Random Image Plugin by Justin Watt. See that neat o’ image over there on the right side bar? If you click on it you’ll be taken to the associated blog post. Cool! Thanks Justin for writing this plugin!

Also I’m trying out this neat Flickr flash slideshow thingy. You can put it on your own site too! See the article HOW TO Quickie: Embedded Flickr Slideshows.

Check out the AudioActivism Photo Slide Show for my implementation of it. It’ll show you all the photos I’ve uploaded to Flickr. In the near future I’ll be posting a lot more HIGH res pics that I’ve taken. (More details about that soon) Plus some other cool moving image type stuff.

Delicious Rocks with Playtagger

The social bookmarking site has released a neat bit of javascript that allows mp3s linked to on your site to be played right in the browser. I’ve been thinking about using something like this for awhile. None of the other solutions seemed to work very well. This just does! It uses a little flash movie that is very usable. Look at the podcast blog post bellow. See the little blue arrow play button? Try clicking on it. Not only can you preview my podcasts without having to download them first you can bookmark my podcasts in too. Wow! Go get the small bit of code you need to put in your html. Here is the help page for playtagger. Holly crap my Audio Archives page just lights up with easy to listen to content. If you’re already playing one bit of audio and click on another play button the earlier mp3 stops for the new one. Cool!

No Comments for Now

I’ve totally disabled comments on this blog for now. I really want to hear from you tho’. Please contact me via email if you have something CONSTRUCTIVE to say. I turned comments off because deleting the FLOOD of comment spam just got to be too annoying!!! Are you happy now spamers? Huh?! Are ya?!? [Insane laughter] >:-)

Best of Audio Activism Year One

Wow, I’ve been podcasting and blogging for about one year! The Internet world is a funny place. It has a tempo the speed of a bunny’s heart. Podcasting itself has only been a public phenomena for a year and already startup companies are gathering large sums of venture capital, US politicians are using podcasting as a pulpit, the main stream media (not just radio but newspapers too) have adopted it, conferences of all kind are being held (like PodcasterCon), individuals are speaking to the world, and it’s enabeling real positive change.

Here are a few of the podcasts I made in 2004 and 2005 that I’m the most proud of. A Best of Audio Activism Year One.

Messages for Soldiers in Iraq, March 25, 2005
MP3 9m 5s 4.2MB 64kbps

One Man Protests Racism at Walmart, May 29th, 2005
MP3 3m 55s 1.8MB 64kbps

Interview with Lou Plummer
, March 3, 2005
MP3 27m 9s 12.5MB 64kbps

Jon Elliston speaks at the Carrboro Book Fair, May 22, 2005
MP3 36m 21s 16.7MB 64kbps

Audio Activism has iTunes RSS syntax

I finally gave Audio Activism’s podcast feeds an overhaul. The main podcast feed now has iTunes specific syntax. It basically makes AudioActivism easy to subscribe to and look nice in iTunes (plus some extra metadata that I admit is cool). Though I really wish Apple would work with the RSS 2.0 dev community and help create standardized RSS podcast syntax. I mean it’s like the browser wars all over again!

This was all done pretty fast and easy with the WP-iPodCater. Very nice WordPress plugin with a wonderful Options page to set up stuff easily. Plus I put a iTunes badge over there on the right. It opens iTunes on your computer and helps you subscribe with one click. Please let me know if ya’ll have any troubles subcribing or downloading with the new RSS feed. You shouldn’t have to change the URL. πŸ˜€

All of the other RSS feeds for still work. You can find them all here on the Feeds page. (Ex. RSS 2.0 Valid, Atom, RSS 2.0 Valid with Comments, RSS 2.0 Valid PSA Podcasts, etc.) I must admit I was inspired to create a feeds page by the daily video blog RocketBoom. They have a very simple RSS page with links to all their RSS feeds. Sweet!

What AudioActivism Is

The two words in the name of this site, Audio and Activism, can be conceptually reversed to form two phrases. Meaning you could call this blog ActivismAudio as well as AudioActivism. My personal activism has become, helping others learn how to make their own audio. (This has manifest itself in the tutorials I’ve written and the creation of PodcasterCon. An event for people to learn about podcasting.) I advocate for more tools and knowledge for the masses. I dream about the metaphorical death of elite professionalism, a natural evolution of WHAT MEDIA MAKING IS. A future were we can all become audio producers if we want to. This blog and podcast isn’t just audio about progressive/liberal politics BUT activism for people making audio.

Short posts and more of ’em

For some reason I just can’t write one line blog posts. Dave “Mr. RSS” Winer does it real well. Very good for reading the RSS feed from his site. Catching up on his numerous entries is a rather quick affair. Not me. I just gotaÒ€ℒ write long rambling paragraphs. Because of my notoriously bad spelling I obsess on checking what I write. Correcting grammar when I can, proper word use (like their or there in the correct place), and spell check like mad. But still the errors make their way in. I just correct them later and don’t tell anyone. πŸ˜€

I read somewhere that the most read commercial blogs have SEVERAL posts per day. My personal favorite of the multiple entries per day blogs is the MAKE blog written by Phillip Torrone. I’m a serious junky for stories about DIY (Do It Yourself) projects. [There basically howt-tos made by people giving you detailed instructions on well… how to do something.] I day dream about making everything myself. I sometimes wish I could clone myself and set about all of these copies to making shit. Man, if I ever retire (long ways away) I will be one DIY grandpa. πŸ˜‰

So should I write more posts per day? I’m not trying to make money directly off of this dot org blog…so why should I? Guilt is one factor. I honestly feel guilty if I don’t get something written down daily. Addiction is another factor. Yep, I’m addicted to this. It’s obvious huh. Here I am writing about writing. That’s what artist do. [Damn I’m so sick of people complaining that all bloggers do is write about blogging. INTROSPECTION IS GOOD DAMN IT!] πŸ™‚

The real question is will more people read this blog if I write more posts?

[end of self introspection rant]