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Podcasting for Advocacy

How can we use new methods of sharing audio files online to support advocacy for progressive causes? HERE is the Citizen Journalism Tech Kit 001 I wrote in January of this year. It covers a basic and simple method of writing a story, recording it using any telephone, and posting the audio on the Internet. (aka Audio Blogging, Podcasting, etc.) Marty Kearns, Marnie Webb, Andy Carvin, and the folks at have been discussing this. has also written a Political Podcaster’s Manual too. Please click on the links on these folks names to read there great ideas for Podcasting & Advocacy.

Literacy in the 21st Century

After seeing the flash movie called EPIC , David Warlick says,
“In order to imprint the point that literacy, in the 21st century, is far richer than merely being able to decode the text in front of you. It means being able to:
* located appropriate information,
* extract meaning,
* critically evaluate the information in terms of your goals and environment, and
* being able to logically organize the information into valuable personal digital libraries. ”
Those four points are my new mantra. See this post for more info about EPIC.