Banksy Stencil Art Rat


Originally uploaded by Babylon Fish.

In my exploration of stencil art in DIY books at the Internationalist bookstore and on the photo website Flickr I’ve discovered BANSKY. He’s this amazing street artist from Bristol, UK. Art historians might call him a public artist. I see him as a Robin Hood Artist, stealing from the rich property owners and giving to the people beauty. Please check out his website and the amazing collection of photos of his work on Flicr. Tag: Bansky

A Steady Stream of Stencils

One of my favorite RSS feeds is from the Stencil photo pool on flickr.

Some of the top tags for this pool are: stencil, streetart, graffiti, art, urban. All of this art is the digital art gallery I dreamed of in the 80’s. Even better it changes often like a new show has been hung in a gallery. Very influencial work for me. I need to get to work on a design for our wedding invites.