UnConference interview published in Europe

Earlier in the year Terry Smith of Society for Technical Communication – Carolina interviewed me for an article about unconferences. I recorded the audio of our conversation, blogged it, and podcast it. [MP3] The impetus for the story was PodcasterCon 2006. First the story was published in their local newsletter [PDF]. Now I learn from Terry that the STC TransAlpine chapter in Europe republished it in their newsletter. (Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland, and Italy) Very cool to see this info about unconferences spreading around the world! Also the local STC Carolina chapter is going to hold their own unconference.

March Against War

March 19, 2006 marks the third anniversary of the Bush war of aggression against Iraq. Again with sadness and a bit of anger we take to the streets to yell again and again, END THE WAR IN IRAQ! BRING THE SOILDERS HOME NOW!

Find an event in your town here at the United for Peace and Justice website. They have a good system to help you search by state, country, and date. There appears to be over 500 3rd anniversary events planned. Wow!

If for some reason you’re still supporting the war in Iraq – or are on the fence – try having a conversation with a solider who has returned home from war with a physical or mental injury. See what they think about combat.

Respect the Warrior NOT the War!

Podcast Academy at Boston University

On Friday April 28 and Saturday April 29 Boston Univesity will be hosting Podcast Academy. Here is the schedule. It’s being put on by Doug Kaye of IT Conversations and The Conversations Network.

From their site: “The Podcast Academy will provide guidance on how to create, distribute and use podcasts. The Academy schedule offers basic “how to” classes for beginners as well as advanced classes for more seasoned professionals. Expert instructors will explain the mechanics of creating podcasts, getting and using the right equipment, coming up with a style for your podcast and then distributing it to the right audience.”

Looks like a good event. Nice to see people out there teaching others. I hope PodcasterCon 2007 will have lots of hands on learning.

Protests at WTO meeting in Hong Kong

Peace and solidarity to our brothers and sisters in Hong Kong working to stop the WTO. May you have success and return home safely to your families. Here are some links to stories about the latest protest.

From DemocracyNow (December 14, 2005):

The World Trade Organization has entered its second day of its ministerial meeting in Hong Kong. South Koreans have led attempts to reach the convention center by swimming across Hong Kong Bay. They have been blocked off by heavily armed police barricades and beaten back by riot police with pepper spray and batons. We speak with Anuradha Mittal, an expert on world trade issues in Hong Kong.

Protests Continue at WTO Conference as Talks Stall Over Agricultural Trade from democracynow.org
WTO Protest Action Hong Kong from Indymedia Ireland
Hong Kong People’s Alliance on WTO
Our World is Not For Sale
Protests to Greet WTO Ministerial Meeting in Hong Kong from San Francisco Bay Area Indymedia

PodcasterCon Ride and Room Share

A note to everyone coming to PodcasterCon: Do you need a ride from the airport or train station? Would you like to share a hotel room? Could you give a fellow podcaster a ride?

If so please go to the entry Ride and Room Share on the PodcasterCon Blog and leave your contact info with your needs or time you can help.

I hope we can organize a room/ride share board. Also I’m working on other transportation options for our out of town guests.

PodcasterCon Updates

PodcasterCon is getting closer! [Jan. 7, 2006] Here is a bunch of info I’ve put up on the PodcasterCon blog and wiki recently.

Reserved Hotel Rooms
We have a block of rooms reserved at a local hotel for PodcasterCon. I sent an email to all the people who’ve registered – as of Nov.23, 2005 – and checked they need help finding a place to stay. If you havn’t registered please do. REGISTER FOR PODCASTERCON HERE. Here is the hotel info:

Hampton Inn Chapel Hill
1740 Fordham Blvd.
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
United States
Tel: +1-919-968-3000
Fax: +1-919-929-0322

The rooms are available for $79 a night. Don’t forget to mention our group name – PodcasterCon – when making a reservation. They claim to have WiFi. 🙂

The hotel is about 3 miles from the event site. We plan on picking up a group from the hotel the morning of the event and taking people back to the hotel later in the day. So please let me know where you end up staying. More info as we get closer to January 7 – PODCASTERCON 2006!

Big mad props to Mur Lafferty and Ryan Ireland for help with the hotels! 😀

Airport Info
The closest airport to UNC, where we’re having PodcasterCon, is RDU – Raleigh-Durham International Airport. It’s about 30 minutes drive from UNC. GSO – Piedmont Triad International Airport – is about one hour from UNC. CLT – Charlotte Douglas International Airport – is about three hours from UNC.

There are no quick and cheap public transportation options from RDU to UNC. There is a regional bus. Go to ridetta.org. It could take an hour to get from RDU to UNC, plus a fair amount of confusion if you take the bus.

Check with the hotel you are staying at and see if they offer shuttle service. Any local folks who are willing to pick up people at the airport let us know in the comments.

If anyone needs a ride post your arrival time here, airline, and cell number to hook up with people to share a cab. A cab ride from RDU to UNC will be about $30.

New Wiki
I just finished installing a new wiki for PodcasterCon. All the old information is there from the old one. This wiki uses the MediaWiki software and should be more robust. In case you hadn’t noticed the old wiki was acting up.

Here is the new URL. www.podcastercon.org/share/ Please update your bookmarks, but all the old ones should redirect to the new pages. All the most up-to-date info about PodcasterCon will be posted there. Get ready for more info on how you can add to it before and DURING PodcasterCon2006! (Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.)

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Triangle Blogger’s Bash, Durham, November 15

Blogging isn’t just a faceless virtual activity reserved for geeks. All kinds of bloggers actually meet in person the old fashioned way. These get-togethers known as Blogger Meetups can be a safe and fun way to meet the people who live near you. And no it really isn’t a new dating scene. 🙂

Before I went to the Triangle Bloggers Conference last year I only knew a few people in Chapel Hill. But now thanks to Anton Zuiker a.k.a. MisterSugar, the conference organizer, several neighbors meet every other week. These folks have become a very important part of my local community. Their blogs have become an important way for me to stay in touch and learn new things from them. (See blogtogether.com for details.)

On Tuesday, November 15 from 7-9 p.m we’re having a Triangle Blogger’s Bash at Durham’s American Tobacco Historic District. The event will include a walking tour of WUNC’s new studios, a catered reception, talking about podcasting, and drinks at Tyler’s Speakeasy next door. Everyone is invited. Come to learn about blogging, podcasting, and meet your neighbors who have those cool blogs you read all the time.

PodcasterCon is an OPEN event

PodcasterCon is OPEN in many ways. Here’s a few examples.

  • It’s FREE as in free beer. It doesn’t cost money to enter.
  • Anyone can attend
  • Anyone can propose a session subject
  • Everyone can talk to each other, if they care too
  • Being there physically is ideal but not required.
  • It’ll be documented for future use by all
  • English may not be the only language used at the event or for documentation.
  • White males aren’t the only people who will attend

Events about social movements like blogging and podcasting should be two way read/write activities. To do otherwise is wrong.

What are some other ways PodcasterCon should be open?