ConvergeSouth-Ethics: What are the rules?

ConvergeSouth – Fri. Oct. 7
Ethics: What are the rules?
Meshing new tech with journalistic values
Lex Alexander and Jay Rosen

This is stuff I heard and captured my attention enough to write down. Not a complete transcript. 😀

MI = My Impression

Trust is estabilish differently umong blogers than it is umong the Main Stream Media.

You can’t take the “ten commandments” of ethics at the MSM and then try to use it to judge blogs on how they are doing.

Dave Winer says, “You sound so maternalistic like it’s your job to help us. Who are you to tell us how to edit our writting.”

(MI: I can’t get Dave’s exact question. This is a paraphrase…)

It’s a waste of my time to do interviews for 45 minutes where only tweleve words are going to be quoted. I don’t trust their editing. -Jay Rosen

Context: Dave Winer wants to know why we should trust a newspaper to edit our comments on their blog.

My Question:
The entire blogosphere is not journalistic in style or nature.
In the context of journalism, what do you think is the importance of these blogs?

(My question wasn’t formed well. Jay and Lex didn’t really understand it. It seems so by their answers.)

The first person to figure out how to use a blog to write true journalism news will be famous. – Jay Rosen

Where do you see blogs in the next 5-10 years? Will it hit the mainstream? -JOMC student

WKRN – broadcast journalist that get blogging.

Jay Rosen says, journalist exec. response to bloggers: “You don’t mean I have to put my name on what these blogers say!?!?!”

ConvergeSouth-Voices of Iraq, Military blogging and reporting

ConvergeSouth – Fri. Oct. 7
Voices of Iraq, Military blogging and reporting

This is stuff I heard and captured my attention enough to write down. Not a complete transcript. 😀

MI = My Impression

Christy Seals, wife of a solider, Ryan Seals, in Iraq

Allison Perkins, reporter, N&R reporter, former Stars and Stripes reporter

Lots of soldiers use blogs to communicate with their loved ones.
Soldiers have to report to their chain of command that they have a blog.
Commanding Offices read their soldiers blogs.

If a soldiers write about something that is off limits they can be punished.
Family members are careful about what they write, “I rather be careful about what I write and have my husband return home ok.” says Christy Seals

Soldiers and families use IM, video conferencing, blogs, email. It helps moral of the soldiers a lot.

Even grandma is using AOL to check the blog.

European journalist are covering the stories in Iraq more than US journalist. -Perkins

Perkins wasn’t allowed to take pictures of distroyed vehicles.

Anonymous bloggers have been called out. Blogs have been shut down by the military.

The miltarybride website creator, a wife of a soldier, had to move her site because her husbands commanding officer read it and got upset.

How activley are soilders emails are being censord?

(questioned asked by a man who claimed to have done the censoring in the Navy)
“Navy blocks outside email, extreme technical challenge to filter gmail or outside email”

Do you see the governemts oportunities to promote a positive image of Iraq?
There are guys there are very happy to be their. The gov. is going to use it. Sure. Wouldn’t you.

Perkins –
I was their to cover the soilders from the local towns for the local paper. I wasn’t there to disover if we are winning the war.

M.I. – The military is providing ‘Internet Cafes’ for soilders. Encouraging them to use the Internet. What can the US Military learn from data collected by monitoring all the electronic communications coming in and out of Iraq? What kind of metadata can be created from monitoring collecting?

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