Interview with Ravi Singh : Money and Votes

This podcast interview is a conversation with Ravi Singh, CEO of ElectionMall Technologies Inc. We were able to speak at the end of the International Symposium on Local E-democracy. We talked about technology for politicians that helps them reach constituents, raise money, and get votes. We also discussed the recent FEC hearings about blogging and political campaigns.

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My Panel Speech at Local E-Dem Symposium

I had the pleasure today to be on a panel at the International Symposium on Local e-Democracy and speak a bit. Bellow is a podcast mp3 of my talk. The best part was being able to speak on the same panel as two serious activists. One was R.T. Rybak the Mayor of the City of Minneapolis. His vision of a participatory democracy augmented with technology is revolutionary and quite advanced. (For American standards) I was genuinly impressed at how an elected official could be himself in a room so effectivly. He gave a very honnest sounding speech. I told him I wish he’d come to Chapel Hill and share his wisdom. I hope to bug him about it in the future. 🙂 The other amazing panelist was Chuck Olsen of Minneapolis Stories and He’s a video blogger who’s work is a very good example of democratized media. I felt a serious kinship with Chuck though we didn’t get to talk enough. It’s obvious he cares about what he does and is excited about sharing it with others. Two qualities that I strive to have. All in all an amazing day. Look for more blog posts and podcasts about this in the next day or so.

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I’m going to the Local E-Democracy Symposium

Monday i’m flying to Minneapolis to attend the International Symposium on Local E-Democracy. I’m on a panel called Citizens Online and Public Engagement. My short presentation is entitled Discover, Report, Share. (More details on this soon.) I’ll briefly demonstrate how making your own media with tools like Podcasting can empower citizens to be more active in politics, democracy, and social justice. Check back soon… i’ll be blogging and podcasting the event. 🙂