End of First Day Roundup at Mobile Media

Here are all my notes from the first day of Mobile Media in LA sponsored by the Media Center. I try to attribute quotes and comments to all the correct people. The letters MI stand for ‘My Impressions”. I’m sure there will be some formatting of the text in the future and some grammar/editing. Look for more concise reports over at the Morph blog, the Media Center blog soon. Wow what a TON of interesting info! Great Conference so far!

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Arrived @ Mobile Media in LA

Just got finished with the meet and greet intro session launching the Mobile Media Conference here in LA. (GREAT Chinese food! hmmm That really hit the spot.) Lots of interesting people with a very diverse set of backgrounds. Internet folks, newspaper people, big media, new media. There are people representing the Associated Press, NBC, Qualcom, the Red Cross, NPR, the Venture County Star, independent blogs, etc., etc. It’s a nice small group so I expect to have some fantastic conversations. I hope to put some interesting questions to some interesting people. The podcasts might take a few days to get up because I’m paying for wired internet access in the hotel room. 🙁 The upside is I can wait to edit and upload the audio interviews later. I can make them sound better in my home studio. Tomorrow I’ll be event blogging. Lots of note taking and listening. 🙂

What are YOUR Questions about Mobile Media

As I mentioned last week I’m going to the Mobile Media Conference in LA sponsored by The Media Center. While I’m there I plan on live blogging and interviewing the attendees. What questions would you ask? What concerns would you raise? Here are some of the things we’ll be looking at. Let’s extend the participation of this event virutaly.

o Untethered lives: Mobile users in Japan
o Mobile and radio: How the next generation is evolving
o Mobile media: What’s new and next?
o Convergence of peer-to-peer services and free broadband environments (Skype, free WiFi, etc.)

o How will content and business models evolve for the mobile market?
o Wireless content: Companies and deals to watch
o Mobile and traditional newspapers
o The future of micro content and mobile devices: Applications and meaning for media
o Beyond carriers: Alternative pathways to Anywhere Media

o FCC and Free Spectrum
o Community wireless: What it is, why it matters, the story in Boston
o Media, wireless and the greater good: Social capital and media

Podcasting the Mobile Media Conference in LA

Wow… I’ve been given a fellowship to attend the Mobile Media Conference, Media Opportunities and Strategies for the Mobile, Broadband Generation on April 26 – April 29, 2005 in Los Angeles. I will be acting as a program reporter. This fellowship covers all of my travel, lodging, and event registration expenses. Good thing… ’cause I’m a broke VISTA. 🙂

Here is a bit of info about the event from mediacenter.org:
“The Media Center 2005 Mobile Media conference will explore a range of topics examining all aspects of wireless adoption: how to do it, what the benefits will be and how it affects the end user. This is a hands-on, interactive event that will include one-on-one interviews, workshops, issue-driven discussion and focused, high-impact case studies – all with intense attendee participation. ”

This even is sponsored by The Media Center at the American Press Institute. They have a cool blog called MORPH that I’ve been reading for quite awhile. Lots of cool grassroots journalism and new media stuff there.

GET READY! There’s going to be some interesting live blogging and podcasts coming at ya from sunny LA. Let’s hope it doesn’t rain!