Audio from Greensboro’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission Hearings

Listen to testimony during the third round of the Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission public hearings held Sept. 30-Oct. 1.
Recorded and edited by Ed Whitfield, a volunteer for the Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission.”

There are twenty five mp3s that are approximately thirty minutes long. Wow! Ed Cone and other Greensboro bloggers have been covering the recent events of this story well. A big thanks to the Greensboro newspaper the News and Record for hosting this audio. I agree with Ed this is good journalism.
Via: Ed Cone

Chapel Hill Bloggers Meetup

I went to our local blogger meetup last night with Ruby. It was really wonderful to see everyone again, plus several new faces. I realized it’s been awhile and I missed them. (Especially you Mr.Justinsomnia)

Here are the details for future blogger meetups. If you’re in the area for any reason just drop on by.

What: Chapel Hill Bloggers Meetup
When: Second and Fourth Thursdays at 7 pm
Where: 3 Cups, West End Courtyard, Chapel Hill, NC
(You can find the pdf for the flyer on this page.)

Big thanks to Anton Zuiker aka mistersugar and BlogTogether for continuing to organize this!

Media Workers Low Salaries

Ed Cone links to Lex Alexander’s post (Greensboro N&R) about the annual media salary survey and writes, “Newspapers are often cash machines, but the big money goes to the owners, not the reporters.”

From Lex Alexander:

Median salaries ranked as follows:
Online publishing: $32,000
Cable TV: $30,000
Consumer magazines: $27,000
Daily newspapers: $26,000
Weekly newspapers: $24,000
TV: $23,492
Radio: $23,000

You combine those print salary figures — “median,” remember, means half of those surveyed make more and half make even less…

Show Bob Moog the Love!

I read on a few blogs that Bob Moog is at Duke Hospital being treated for a brain tumor. He and his family are using CaringBridge, an in-hospital blogging setup, to let people know about his progress and so that folks can sent good thoughts and notes his way.

I just signed his guest book. I’ve never seen such a beautiful out pouring of love. Bob Moog has touched so many people. By making tools for others to create he exponentially brought lots of positive engergy to the planet. Thanks Bob!

Go and send Bob Moog some love!

Via: N&O Triangle Blog Watch and Paul Jones

Stan Goffs’ Sharing Ideas via CD

A few weeks ago I recorded a eight part essay written and read by Stan Goff. Before he left I gave him a audio CD of the recording. So far he’s duplicated and given away fifty CDs! Plus folks are asking for more! I’m so happy to see people getting excited about sharing media with each other.

Stan is a pragmatic, accessible, and wise “feral scholar”. His writing builds a bridge of understanding across the river of complex thought. His perspective allows us all to have ‘ah ha’ experiences. Moments of realisation that lead to positive change in our lives. He is trully a teacher, a sensei. Read his blog post pedagogical #1 -Economics as pseudo-science as he explains his personal experience with making media.

“Everywhere I go, progressives are crying about the unfair capitalist media and how they don’t represent our point of view. This is like whining about the appetite that a hawk has for field mice. What, after all, would we expect?

Instead we need to be figuring out ways to discredit, overcome, and bypass these media.” – Stan Goff

Tomorrow I’ll podcast part two of his eight part essay “Economics is Pseudo Science.”