Economics is Pseudo-Science Part 1

Economics is Pseudo-Science – Part 1, Capitalism’s Psychic Hotline
Last week I recorded Stan Goff reading his eight part essay entitled “Economics is Pseudo-Science”. He’s using this audio for a workshop he’s conducting and plans on handing out all this audio to the class before hand on CD. I’ll be Podcasting all eight parts. This mp3 is number one of eight. Enjoy!

MP3 3m 32s 1.6MB 64kbps

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John Edwards is launching a Podcast

The website announces that ex-vice presidential candidate John Edwards will soon have a Podcast. [No Podcast RSS feed just yet] This is interesting to me not only because it’s a politician who is clearly listening to his techie staffers [ 😀 ] but because he’s a resident of the same county and state I am. (Orange County, North Carolina) So in a whole hearted sincere way I say, “WELCOME to Podcasting Mr. Edwards!“. I’ll be listening. If you or your staff have questions please ask me. Thanks to for pointing this out.