Audio from Greensboro’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission Hearings

Listen to testimony during the third round of the Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission public hearings held Sept. 30-Oct. 1.
Recorded and edited by Ed Whitfield, a volunteer for the Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission.”

There are twenty five mp3s that are approximately thirty minutes long. Wow! Ed Cone and other Greensboro bloggers have been covering the recent events of this story well. A big thanks to the Greensboro newspaper the News and Record for hosting this audio. I agree with Ed this is good journalism.
Via: Ed Cone

Save Big Bird from the chopping block? NOT!

Isn’t that a cool sounding post title? It was the subject of an action alert ‘spam’ 🙂 email I got – minus the NOT! – from It describes the attacks on Public Broadcasting from the right wing. For starters I will miss Big Bird and the Sesame Street crew if they are forced off the air because of budget cuts. Those happy muppets were a positive part of many children’s lives. But honestly why not just let those arrogant republicans take away funding? Yep you read that right. Let them kill Public Broadcasting! Why?! For petes sake why?

Because our government is owned by big corporations, has been for decades. How can anything owned by a corporation be truly publicly created or owned? Public Broadcasting stopped being grassroots and owned by the people long ago. Let a large void be left in the place of Public Broadcasting. Something better will fill the void. The fundraising for public media in America should be conducted for small, local, grassroots productions. Groups that your neighbors work with.

You might think that the void will only be filled with crappy commercial cable TV show for children with tons of ads. Well, that isn’t the only option for parents. We have community radio for kids of all ages, public access TV for kids, books, sports, music, podcasting for kids, etc., etc. All created by amateurs. Not corporations. Why shouldn’t these community created options replace Big Bird and all other Public Broadcasting programming?

Because I respect the people who work hard at Public Broadcasting I propose a exit strategy for them. PUT ALL CONTENT EVER MADE WITH PUBLIC MONEY INTO THE PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Give it away. Even better use a Creative Commons license to help prevent Disney from stealing Big Bird and turning him into the next Mickey Mouse. By giving ALL publicly funded content back to the people who paid for it you will ensure a RICH cultural future and lots of media for the public to work with. Turn this tragedy into a positive strategic move. One that will really give the people the public media they paid for.

Media Reform and Revolution talk on WCOM

Less than two miles from my house is a wonderful new low power FM station named WCOM 103.5. There programming is getting going and they have some cool talk radio on in the morning. My clock radio is set to go off with WCOM tuned in. This morning, a Thursday, I heard a bit from the show Making Contact from the National Radio Project. Nice stuff to wake up to, IMHO. Have you ever noticed how listening to audio just as you’re waking up seems to become the theme for your whole day? Like if you heard a really energetic tune, or rousing speech, it powers your positive attitude all day! The connection between the human brain and the ears is truly amazing!