An Interview with Charlene Mitchell by Amber Cortes

This podcast is an interview with Charlene Mitchell by Amber Cortes. Charlene Mitchell was the first African-American woman to run for President. She was a third-party candidate in the United States presidential election in 1968 and represented the Communist Party USA.

This is audio was produced for WBAI by Amber Cortes. I found it when Amber commented on my post The Stories of Experienced Radicals. She has graciously allowed me to link to this audio and thus share it with you. Her new blog and podcast is called You Never Know. This audio is from her blog post International Women’s Day Special: Women Who Ran For President. More great audio there. Check it out!

I hope more folks tell me about interviews with experienced radicals. I define experienced radicals as politically left men and women from around the world who’ve worked many years for positive social change. Maybe we can create a podcast site full of valuable stories that can teach the radicals of the future.

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