1URL and an Update Podcast

Tonights podcast is one big update really. I’ve been doing lots of writing on the blog so I wanted to tell you folks listening just to the Podcast what’s up. I played the cool PSA from Partners for Open Space in Maryland, USA, mentioned the last few blog entries, talked about the Linux streaming server I’m setting up at a local radio station, and shared one url. So…Check out the cool videos at submediatv.com. All in all I’m trying to keep this show first person. So just imagine you saw me at a coffee shop and I talked yer ear off.

MP3 23m 13s 10.6MB 64kbps

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3 URLs 10/17/04

This weeks show is a three part interview with Ruby Sinreich. Ruby is a very active blogger who created orangepolitics.org a multi-author local politics blog and writes wonderful thoughts on her personal blog Ruby’s Rants & Randomness. We demonstrated how these three sites can be used for your own activism.
OrangePolitics 22m 42s 10.3MB 64kbps
Bloglines 24m 13s 11MB 64kbps
Flickr 19m 49s 9MB 64kbps
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3 URLs 10/10/04

This weeks show, in five parts, is an Interview with Paul Jones of ibiblio.org. We talk about URLs that ibiblio hosts and a whole lot more!
Here are the MP3 files
Introduction & Early Internet Radio 7m 13s 3.3MB 64kbps
Project Gutenberg 9m 46s 4.4MB 64kbps
Tibet 9m 13s 4.2MB 64kbps
Fairness and Balance in the Media 13m 42s 6.2MB 64kbps
Free Software 11m 1s 5MB 64kbps
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