Interview with Mike Hachey of Student Action with Workers

Emiliano ZapataThis podcast is an interview with undergraduate Mike Hachey of Student Action with Workers. We discussed the circumstances leading up to a march and rally they held last wednesday at the Lenoir Dining hall at University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. Students are mobilizing support for worker-led campaigns to achieve collective bargaining and a living wage. They’re working at the request of dining hall workers, who are employees of the subcontractor Aramark corporation and not the University (an important distinction since state employees have limited collective bargaining rights).

We also discussed the specifics of “team cleaning,” a new unfair management practice that forces workers to perform one repetitive task for eight hours straight. It’s stated goal in company literature is to increase revenue for the University by eliminating jobs, despite the promise to workers from management that it won’t.

We discussed what students, staff, and faculty can do to join the workers in their struggle and lots more. I hope to record more conversations with Mike in the future. Check out the UNC labor history time line on Wikipedia.

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Celebrating King’s Birthday with Rev. Barber

Today Ruby and I went to the annual Martin Luther King Jr. day rally and church service in Chapel Hill. We walked up to the post office where the towns rallies are usually held and listened to several local politicians, activists, pastors, students, and raging grannies. (The raging grannies are a group of liberal singing senior citizens. I never knew any liberal senior citizens before I moved to Chapel Hill… Wow.)

The highlight of my day was hearing Rev. Dr. William Barber II speak. Rev. Barber is the new president of the North Carolina conference of the NAACP. The theme of his sermon was “Silence is Betrayal”. It’s a quote from Martin Luther King’s speech at Riverside Church in New York on April 4, 1967. Dr. King was speaking out against an “unjust, evil and futile war” in Vietnam. Rev. Barber was speaking out against the “unjust, evil and futile war” in Iraq. The parallels between that time and now are scary. I’m so happy we have strong people to speak the truth. No matter how hard it is for some people to hear.

Bellow is a podcast Ruby and I recorded of our feelings of today events. Ruby has also blogged about it over at

January 16 is now my favorite day of the year. I felt as if I might cry the whole time I was listening to Rev. Barber. Not tears of sadness but of relief that someone who could so eloquently and captivatingly tell all these people that WE MUST SPEAK UP!

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Podcast PSA for Hurricane Katrina Relief

Here is a PSA (Public Service Announcement) requesting that people get involved and help those effected by Hurricane Katrina. Bellow is the transcript. There is a MP3 version and a high quality AIFF for you to use. I encourage all podcasters and radio stations to download this and use it ASAP.

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PSA Transcript:
In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina you can help people in need. Here are a few suggestions.
Contact your local Red Cross, Donate blood, call 1-800-help-now, you can also donate money, goto, and as well you can contact your local church, synagogue, or mosque and find out what they are doing to help people effected by Hurricane Katrina. Thank you for your help and get involved!

Why I am Against War

This is a podcast to clarify why I am against the war in Iraq (all war actually). For me it boils down to two reasons. [YES, there are so many other reasons. But for the sake of clairity here are two from me.] One, I’m against all killing. I’m a pacifist. Two, I don’t trust the President of the United States and all the people responsible for starting this war in Iraq. These two points are fundamental to my beliefs. Those who would disagree with me on these two points are not going to change my mind.

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Interview with Marc Powell

This podcast is an interview with Marc Powell of and the League of Pissed Off Voters. He was sharing with the group IndyVoter, a new web application he made that’s a social networking tool. Kinda’ like Friendster for leftists, but so much more. (I’m thinking of using it for PodcasterCon.) We talked about his projects, programing, Anarchism, impressions of the AdvocacyDevII event, and more. I really enjoyed meeting Marc. His energy, actions, ideas, and awesome politics were inspiring!

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Interview with Ibrahim Abdul-Matin

The 501c3 Ghetto :: An quick interview with Ibrahim Abdul-Matin.

Here at the Advocacy Development II event Mr. Abdul-Matin asked an interesting question. I interviewed him to find out more.

“Is the 501c3 status given to non-profits by the IRS inherently anti-progressive or anti-social justice?” He proposes that the 5013c is a way to make organizing or advocacy a field. It’s goal was to make people less likely to take risks because it’s tied to people’s livelihoods.

Listen to the rest of our conversation and a few suggestions for alternatives for community groups besides the 5013c.

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