Discover, Report, Share

Discover, Report, Share is a mantra for grassroots media makers. (aka citizen journalists, grassroots journalists, etc.) This podcast is a recording of my talk at the International Symposium on Local e-Democracy on July 26, 2005. I felt like I should re-podcast it for people to hear. Check out my tutorials page for more info on how to make your own media.

MP3 7m 53s 3.7MB 64kbps

My Panel Speech at Local E-Dem Symposium

I had the pleasure today to be on a panel at the International Symposium on Local e-Democracy and speak a bit. Bellow is a podcast mp3 of my talk. The best part was being able to speak on the same panel as two serious activists. One was R.T. Rybak the Mayor of the City of Minneapolis. His vision of a participatory democracy augmented with technology is revolutionary and quite advanced. (For American standards) I was genuinly impressed at how an elected official could be himself in a room so effectivly. He gave a very honnest sounding speech. I told him I wish he’d come to Chapel Hill and share his wisdom. I hope to bug him about it in the future. 🙂 The other amazing panelist was Chuck Olsen of Minneapolis Stories and He’s a video blogger who’s work is a very good example of democratized media. I felt a serious kinship with Chuck though we didn’t get to talk enough. It’s obvious he cares about what he does and is excited about sharing it with others. Two qualities that I strive to have. All in all an amazing day. Look for more blog posts and podcasts about this in the next day or so.

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One Man Protests Racism at Walmart

This weeks podcast is a short interview with a African American man with his own message. He was standing outside a Durham, NC shopping center with a sign that said, “Walmart some staff have the disease of racism. To support it is evil and demonic.” The other side of the sign said, “Racism by some staff is common. Responsible managers act.” He shares his experiences with racism at Walmart perpetrated by staff and ignored by local and regional managers. Thankfully this mans story has begun to be told. How many more stores like this are there?

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Blogging and Podcasting Presentation

On Friday, May 20, 2005 Ruby and I gave a presentation at the RTPnet Conference about Blogging and Podcasting. (It’s an anual event about how non-profits can use technology more effectivly.) Our breakout session was from 2:15 to 3:45pm. We really enjoyed meeting everyone and learning from others. Here are the materials from the event.

PDF of our PowerPoint presentation
MP3 of my Podasting interveiw Demo, 31s 1.2MB 320kbps

I used the Olympus DS-2 to record the interview demo during our presentation.
Here is the DS-2 manufacture’s page, O’reilly has a review of the Olympus DS-2, and Froogle has a list of DS-2s for sale on several websites.

Update: Here is what some people are saying about our presentation. Jim Buie live blogged it. Calvin graciously let me record him for the above MP3. Beth read the pdf of our slides and linked to the non-profit blog examples Ruby gave. Smart! I wish we had recorded our session too. 🙁 Ah technical problems.

Interview with Ethan Clauset at the Carrboro Book Fair

Here you have a short interview with Ethan Clauset the main organizer of the Carrboro Book Fair in Carrboro, NC. The event was last Saturday May 7, 2005 and was sponsored by Internationalist Books and Community Center. I asked Ethan why he created the first annual Carrboro Book Fair and what his influences where. This was a grassroots lefty book event for small presses and authors to sell their work. They even had several readings and teach-ins on stuff like how to layout your own newspaper without a computer. AK Press, Crimethinc, Garrett County Press, Parcell Press, Stan Goff, Jon Eliston, and The Peoples Channel (a localpublic access tv station) were all there. Plus many many more. While I was at the book fair I bought a essay in book form called ‘On Bullshit‘ by Harry G. Frankfurt.

MP3 8m 20s 3.82MB 64kbps