Interview with Ravi Singh : Money and Votes

This podcast interview is a conversation with Ravi Singh, CEO of ElectionMall Technologies Inc. We were able to speak at the end of the International Symposium on Local E-democracy. We talked about technology for politicians that helps them reach constituents, raise money, and get votes. We also discussed the recent FEC hearings about blogging and political campaigns.

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CTCnet Con 2005 Andy Carvin

On Saturday evening we had a birds of feather session about Podcasting. We talked about it’s many aspects, video blogging, RSS, blogging in general, education, and how podcasting could be valuable to non-profits. This podcast bellow is a interview with Andy Carvin just after reviewing what we did. We felt that people thought this communication technology was very accessible. EVERYONE CAN PODCAST! 😀

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Blogging Teach-In at UNC

Live Blogging at a Blog Teach-In: Ruby and I are at an event Anton Zuiker is hosting to help people learn about blogging. We’re at the Health Sciences Library Biogen Idec Classroom on the UNC campus in Chapel Hill. Anton starts off with an overview about blogging. Read Anton’s Blogging 101 tutorial.

Now we’re talking about specific blog software. Of course Ruby and I are evangelizing WordPress over Blogger. We don’t hate Blogger but are trying to prevent people from having to learn a new piece of blogging software when they’ll inevitablly outgrow it. WordPress is just more scaleable. Yesterday I found Blogsome. It hosts free WordPress blogs.

Q: Should I host the blog myself or let someone else do it?
A: To have a blog you need hard drive space on a web server. You can always use a free blog services that someone else hosts (ex. Blogger or Blogsome) or you can pay for your own web host. (ex. textdrive or dreamhost) The main difference between the two, in this case, is that free blog services already have the blog software installed and running. You just need to sign up and go. If you get your own web space you can install the blog software yourself and customize all you want. This option is a lot easier than it sounds. Lot’s of room for growth with this option too.

Q: If you start off with free blog hosting can I move to my own more advanced blog solution?
A: YES. Because your blog posts are stored in a database it’s relativly easy to transfer your text data to another server with another database. Lots of how-tos are out there on the web. Check google for some keywords like “move blogger wordpress database” Ask a geek you know to help you. Love them. Respect them. Feed them.

Here is MP3 of Anton and the groups discussion about blogs and blogging. We join this program all ready in progress… 😀

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Networks: The Ecology of the Movements Audio

Here is an MP3 recording of the essay Networks: The Ecology of the Movements that I read. The text was CopyLeft so this gave me the oportunity to build upon the work. I’m excited to share it with you and elated to attribute the original text to it’s authors the editors Notes from Nowhere. It first appeared in the book We Are Everywhere. Read the raw text here. The knowledge contained in this essay is POWERFUL!

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Interview with Mike Outmesguine about Wi-Fi security

On the last day of the Mobile Media Conference in LA I talked with Mike Outmesguine of the Southern California Wireless Users Group (SOCALWUG). My question was, “What is best way we can use public wireless networks securely? (from the perspective of a user and wi-fi network provider)” The short answer: ENCRYPTION. Personal encryption and VPN solutions (like Hotspot VPN) for network to network solutions. Check out Mikes cool book called Wi-Fi Toys: 15 Cool Wireless Projects for Home, Office, and Entertainment.

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Interview with Dave Winer

Before the podcast last Wednesday of Greensboro bloggers and News & Record Journalist, I interviewed Dave Winer. It’s about 15 minutes long and he mostly asks me questions. 🙂 We talked about North Carolina blogs and politics, audio recording gear, and harmony among political ideologies. Thanks to Dave for being such a sport and for inventing RSS and PODCASTING! We all owe him a lot!
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