“Privacy is like sand between your fingers”

I’ve been trying to eloquently communicate thoughts I’ve had about privacy. For a long time I realized it was futile to try and grab onto complete privacy it in a digital world. The older I get the more digital my life becomes. If you want to be a trusted participant you need to share info about yourself.

Chris Messina has put it into words the best I’ve seen so far.

… About how privacy is like sand between your fingers and that the more you try to hold on to it, the less you really can maintain control over. And subsequently, over time, more and more spills out into the hands of others, often those who you least expect or want to have information about you.

… a long time ago I decided that there is no privacy in anything digital (which is both a beautiful and a terrifying thing, depending on how much you know about technology). Knowing a bit myself, but not quite enough, I’ve decided to try and flood the network with as much information about myself as possible in the naive and desperate hope that by creating more positive and truthful information I can counter whatever lies may someday be advanced against what I’m really up to.

There is power in numbers. The more of us who control what the world knows about us by publishing it ourselves the harder it will be to distroy the truth. Hopefully this isn’t “naive and desperate”. 🙂

sidenote: incase your wondering how I came accross Chris’s blog, it was from a link on the BarCampRDU blog.

Oh yeah… here is my bio and ClaimID.