Podcast PSA for Hurricane Katrina Relief

Here is a PSA (Public Service Announcement) requesting that people get involved and help those effected by Hurricane Katrina. Bellow is the transcript. There is a MP3 version and a high quality AIFF for you to use. I encourage all podcasters and radio stations to download this and use it ASAP.

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PSA Transcript:
In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina you can help people in need. Here are a few suggestions.
Contact your local Red Cross, Donate blood, call 1-800-help-now, you can also donate money, goto redcross.org, and as well you can contact your local church, synagogue, or mosque and find out what they are doing to help people effected by Hurricane Katrina. Thank you for your help and get involved!

BlueLatinos.org PSA asks Dobbs to stop paranoid rhetoric

Here is a wonderful PSA [Public Service Announcement] mp3 from BlueLatinos.org. It’s a message to Lou Dobbs, host of CNN’s show “Lou Dobbs Tonight”, asking him to cease his “anti-immigrant reporting and race baiting commentary”. If you’d like to do something about this goto BlueLatinos.org and sign the petition to tell Dobb’s “Your Fired!”. If the situation wasn’t bad enough already California Governor Arnold supposedly said by accident recently, “Close the borders in California and all across Mexico and in the United States…” To learn more I highly recomend you see the film Wetback: The Undocumented Documentary from Director Arturo Perez Torres. I saw it recently at the Full Frame Documentary Festival here in Durham, NC and it was very moving.

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PSA Podcast Feed

At the top of the page I have a few tabs with links to the main index page, ‘Home’, my main Podcast feed ‘mp3 podcast rss’, and now a Podcast feed with just PSAs. (PSA: Public Service Announcement) So if you feel like listening to PSAs by themselves have at it. Also if you’re a Podcaster download the PSAs and use them in your own shows! Ain’t distributed sharing for good causes fun! 🙂 Here’s the link. http://www.audioactivism.org/category/psa_mp3/feed/rss2

Podcast Public Service Announcements

Today I podcast the first PSA (Public Service Announcement) here at AudioActivism.org. I hope to continue to provide this FREE service to great causes everywhere. If you have a PSA contact me.

Is this cool? Do you mind having a PSA in your podcast? I think AudioActivism.org and PSAs go together like peanut butter and chocolate! I’m not making any money by this and I’ll really need to believe in these causes to podcast them. Do you think PSAs for non-profits and other great causes fit in? PLEASE COMMENT ABOUT THIS. Ya or Nay?

PSA – Partners for Open Space

Here is a Podcast PSA (Public Service Announcement) from Partners for Open Space in Maryland U.S.A. about the importance of saving our natural resources. Find out more by going to SaveMarylandLands.org. Here is a pdf about the statewide campaign to halt the diversion of land conservation funds from the Maryland state budget. Click more to read a transcript of the audio.

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