Portable Podcatching on a USB drive

Christopher Carfi over at socialcustomer.typepad.com has written an interesting how-to. Read it here. Take podcatching software and your podcast MP3s with you cheaply! I must clarify something semantic so as not to confuse. Podcasting is the act of making and delivering a Podcast. Podcatching is the method of subscribing and downloading a Podcast.

Howtoons: cartoon how-tos for kids

Howtoons are one-page cartoons showing 5-to-15 year-old kids “How To” build things. Each illustrated episode is a stand-alone fun adventure accessible to all, including the pre-literate. Our Howtoons are designed to encourage children to be active participants in discovering the world through Play-that-Matters — fun, creative, and inventive — and to rely a lot less on mass-consumable entertainment.”

Citizen Journalism Tech Kit 001

This weeks podcast & text outline is a how-to about audio Citizen Journalism. It is the first in a series of what I call Citizen Journalism Tech Kits. The future how-tos will included more advanced methods. My dream is to edit these how-tos, with your help, train people in person, and share info about public resources to make your own media.
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