An Interview with Charlene Mitchell by Amber Cortes

This podcast is an interview with Charlene Mitchell by Amber Cortes. Charlene Mitchell was the first African-American woman to run for President. She was a third-party candidate in the United States presidential election in 1968 and represented the Communist Party USA.

This is audio was produced for WBAI by Amber Cortes. I found it when Amber commented on my post The Stories of Experienced Radicals. She has graciously allowed me to link to this audio and thus share it with you. Her new blog and podcast is called You Never Know. This audio is from her blog post International Women’s Day Special: Women Who Ran For President. More great audio there. Check it out!

I hope more folks tell me about interviews with experienced radicals. I define experienced radicals as politically left men and women from around the world who’ve worked many years for positive social change. Maybe we can create a podcast site full of valuable stories that can teach the radicals of the future.

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Alito Attacks Women’s rights on his FIRST DAY!

The first shot in the war against woman’s rights was fired today by the conservative US Supreme Court on Judge Samuel Alito’s first day. They’ve agreed to hear an appeal on an overturned act. A completely unconstitutional bit of legislation…

According to this New York Times article, “The court accepted, for argument next fall, the Bush administration’s appeal of a decision invalidating the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003.”

This can be seen as confirmation of our concern for Alito’s and Robert’s BIAS. Yet another example of how there is nothing subtle in the neo-con strategy to radically alter America for the worse! [Thanks for pointing this out Albert.]

On Dating a Geek

Yep I’m dating a geek. I’m about to get married to her in July actually. (See So when I saw this post by Sally Green titled The way to a geek’s heart is through his keyboard I was intrigued. She has linked to an article called The Do’s and Don’ts of Dating Geeks by Maryam Ghaemmaghami Scoble, who I assume is dating Robert Scoble. (Famous in the bloggosphere)

The first thing I noticed is that both these posts were by women who are dating a geek who is man. This seems to be the most common situation. Mine is a bit different in two ways. I’m a geek, who is a man, and I’m dating a woman who is a geek. We self identify as geeks. I’m not putting words in my geeks mouth at all. We like to describe this relationship we have as Geek Socialist Love. Super dorky I know.

So after reading Maryam’s post about dating geeks I wanted to say hell yes much of what she says is true. But also the feminist in me wants to say, DAMN what’s with all these “don’t tell him” and “Do make him” and “Do indulge him“? So many of these good suggestion can go both ways for geek women and geek men. I mean I could just email my partner the URL of this post and say, DO this for ME. Nope. Just too damn selfish. For just about every instant in the Do’s and Don’ts I could replace the female gender in the sentence and have very good advice for my geek partner. It’s interesting when dating advice is two way. No disrespect to Maryam. I’m VERY lucky to be with a geek who understands me as a geek.

What we need is more gender neutrality here. (I can hear people groaning already…) Yes your words and thoughts alter our existence and control the equality or lack of it. If we don’t stop thinking of MEN as the sole owners of brains and geekiness then our society is screwed. Not to mention the future of young girls who want to be programmers, scientists, engineers, physicists, etc. Show some respect. Stop looking at men as the only geeks!

(If you insist on maligning this little rant by calling it Political Correctness think about the propaganda of concervative think tanks and how they’ve planeted the desire to be perjorative in your brain. :D)

Sex and War: a new book by Stan Goff

Stan’s new book Sex and War is now available for pre-order on Amazon. See reviews on his blog. Here is the books description:

The notion that war is intrinsic to man’s nature is dealt a powerful setback in Stan Goff’s Sex and War. Goff, a former Special Forces sergeant, argues persuasively that rather than being born that way, men are made into killers by governments, corporations, and systems of power. Drawing both on his experiences in the military and on his reading of feminist writers such as Patricia Williams, bell hooks, and Chandra Mohanty — and as the father of a son stationed in Iraq — Goff journeys through wars, ideologies, and cultures, revealing the transformation of men into killers. His story encompasses not just the battlefield and the book, but the Swift Boat Veterans controversy, the eros of George W. Bush, pornography, the Taliban, and gays and lesbians in the military. Goff’s remarkable ability to connect his own personal experiences to contemporary feminist criticism makes for a provocative discussion of war and masculinity.

Thanks to Ruby for reminding me to blog this… 😀

Alito Must GO!

Judge Samuel Alito must NOT be nominated to the Supreme Court of the USA! He must not be given the chance to destroy a woman’s right to choose. I am all for any legal means of blocking his nomination. I hope the Democrats in congress use the filibuster. Show some damn spine ya’ll! You’ve been CYA for too long. Fight those Republicans! Can I be any more blunt?

You can get summaries of the Alito hearings at the Planed Parenthood Now What?! Blog. I believe you can also get some video streams of the hearings at They even have a CSPAN Podcast page.

Are there any citizen journalist covering this? Would be great to download the entire event via RSS!

Unisex Bathrooms

Unisex Ok… this post isn’t spam beacuse it’s title has the word sex in it. (might attract a lot of spam. tho’…) The fact is gender is a very important part of our lives. It’s who we are, literally. Gender is Political. How we function and live is very important. Dis-Ability is Political.

So this morning I saw this sign. It is a xeroxed peice of paper COVERING a permanent women’s bathroom sign in a university building. It reads; “UNISEX” “It Does not matter if you have a vagina, penis, or other, ALL bathrooms should be accessible to ALL people.”, and “Should be Accessible to Differently-Abled People”

Interesting awareness campaign. I’d call this protest art. (Sidenote: I took these pics with my Treo 650 camera, then uploaded them to Flickr. Capturing stuff like this is what makes a mobile camera with a network connection awesome!)

Unisex pt. 2

Unisex pt3

John Roberts ‘Silence’ Video Ad

Check out this short ad [MOV 1min 2sec] released by “Showcasing some of the more than 100 times that Supreme Court Chief Justice nominee John Roberts has refused to answer important and legitimate questions from Judiciary Committee Senators,”. “ [is] a coalition of progressive organizations of which NARAL Pro-Choice America is a member…”

When are we going to find out what John Roberts believes? After it’s too late?

Podcasting Roberts Nomination Hearings

A good way to determine what is really going on during the Roberts nomination hearings in Washington, DC is to use the Internet. Try watching the hearings on C-Span (cable tv and online) to get the pretty much unfiltered content. It’s hard to find time to pay attention to it all. But isn’t this why we go to the media for excerpts, interpretations, and analysis? Bloggers and podcasters included. We’re simply filling a large need for new analysis and simple pointers. Like the URLs I’m dropping on ya. 😀

NPR (National Public Radio) is podcasting large parts of the hearings and then allowing pundits/experts to comment. This is valuable but tricky. It’s really difficult for us all to make heads or tales of it all. You need good media literacy skills to keep up with what is going on. I wish a citizen journalist was in these meetings making recordings. I suppose I’d trust him or her more than NPR.

The Center for Reproductive Rights is also podcasting a comentary. You can also go to their main site and get several One Click podcast subscription links. (ala iTunes) It’s helpful to hear from the activist in the field and get their straight forward point of view.